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Global Bird Rescue

About Global Bird Rescue

Each year millions of migratory birds don't make it to their final destination after running into windows. While we aim to reduce these deaths throughout the season, Global Bird Rescue is a week dedicated to supporting these efforts globally. Together we can save lives while contributing to a global database that can support mitigation measures going forward. For 2022, Global Bird Rescue took place between October 3-9. Our team conducted one survey each day and found evidence of 17 birds. Of those, only one was alive. Species identified included Yellow-rumped Warblers, White-throated Sparrows and a Palm Warbler. Globally the rescues are a bit more optimistic with over 320 found and treated! To learn more check out Global Bird Rescue

Global Bird Rescue 2023 results are now in! Across 9 different countries 999 collisions were reported with 196 (19.6%) being live rescues. The Calgary Urban Species Response Team conducted surveys for the whole week and had 8 deceased finds.  

CUSRT documents all of our finds from the whole season using BirdMapper. We encourage citizens to report any strikes or evidence of strikes at any time using this data so we can gain a better understanding of the issue in our neck of the woods. 

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